Poverty in Asia: Media Challenges and Responses (2002)

Poverty in Asia: Media Challenges and Responses (2002)
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Edited by: Anjali Puri
ISBN: 9971-905-94-9
Year: 2002
Pages: 190
Price: US$ 15.00

The correlation between the media and poverty might not be immediately obvious. One might ask: Why should a poor farmer care about press freedom and the quality of media reporting? The answer is that the media's job is not restricted to disseminating news. The media has a role to play in turning the world's eyes to the problems, needs and the distress of the poor. Coverage of poverty issues is necessary to provide information, raise awareness and promote understanding, and to keep debate alive on this subject in societies all over the world.

While-poverty and the media' is their unifying theme, the authors have approached this broad topic in a variety of ways. Some have focused on political, social and economic interactions linked to poverty eradication, in which the role of media is just one piece in the mosaic. Others have provided a broad picture of the dimensions of poverty in their countries.