Articles published in

Volume 48, Number 1 (March 2021) of Media Asia

Articles published in Volume 48, Number 1 (March 2021) of Media Asia

Editor’s Note: These are the articles included in Volume 48, Number 1 (March 2021) of our peer reviewed journal Media Asia. The information is provided to guide researchers in properly citing these articles.

Issue Title: Pandemic semantics



Arao, D. A. (2021, March). Pandemic discourse. Media Asia, 48(1), 1-4.



Raj, A., Anjali, R., & Goswami, M. P. (2021, March). Migrants, miseries, and media: measuring the

prominence of the miseries of migrants in the coverage of leading Indian English dailies during

COVID-19. Media Asia, 48(1), 5-20.

Gyamfi, P. A. (2021, March). Comparative analysis of CNN coverage of weather-related disasters in

USA, Japan, and India. Media Asia, 48(1), 21-33.

Watanabe, H. (2021, March). The discursive construction of the international dispute over the East

China Sea: A multimodal analysis of evaluations in online newspaper editorials in the Chinese and Japanese press. Media Asia, 48(1), 34-57.



Kanozia, R., Kaur, S., & Arya, R. (2021, March). Infodemic during the COVID-19 lockdown in India.

Media Asia, 48(1), 58-66.

Young, S. (2021, March). Internet, Facebook, competing political narratives, and political control in

Cambodia. Media Asia, 48(1), 67-76.



Tandon, L. (2021, March). Defending the Web: Review of Reset by Ronald Deibert. Media Asia, 48(1),


Shantharaju, S. (2021, March). The unrealized addiction: review of the book Irresistible by Adam Alter.

Media Asia, 48(1), 80-81.

Sanyal, D. (2021, March). Not so shining (film review of Dolly Kitty Aur Woh Chamatke Sitare).

Media Asia, 48(1), 82-84.

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