The Asian Media Information and Communication Centre (AMIC) is an international, non-profit, non-government organization that serves as a regional research hub for media and communication issues.

Based in Manila, Philippines, it was established in 1971 to encourage ethical and social responsibility of the media to support democratic access and participation in media development and production.

AMIC also works to provide opportunities for empowerment of disadvantaged sectors in the communication/media environments in developing countries in Asia.

It performs these roles on many fronts:

As a research centre, it examines critical issues in the media and communication sector and their implications for development, as reflected through its publications.

As a resource centre, it gathers and disseminates knowledge through its various capacity building training programs, workshops and conferences. Now 50 years old, AMIC has been unwavering in its commitments even as it has broadened its expertise to encompass new challenges reflective of the changing scene within media and society in general.

In addition to having major development partners and strong academic credentials, one of AMIC’s key strengths is its active involvement in working with the industry in facilitating dedicated high-profile industry events. These events are consciously designed and planned to bring industry, development partners, NGO’s and individual stakeholders together to share perspectives, challenges, and best practices.

By facilitating these events, AMIC has successfully reduced barriers and has been instrumental in facilitating knowledge sharing, collaboration and training to those that need it most.

Our Vision:
To be the premier Asia–centred institution for Media and Communication education, research and professional development.

Our Mission:
To nurture and promote Media and Communication research, capacity building, knowledge management and dialogue among academia, industry, government and civil society.

AMIC Constitution

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