Articles published in Volume 48, Number 2 (June 2021) of Media Asia

Media Asia 48 (2) cover

Editor’s Note: These are the articles included in Volume 48, Number 2 (June 2021) of our peer reviewed journal Media Asia. The information is provided to guide researchers in properly citing these articles.

Issue Title: Rundown on lockdowns and crackdowns



Arao, D. A. (2021, June). The lowdown on lockdowns and crackdowns. Media Asia, 48(2), 85-88.



Zhang, R. (2021, June). How media politicize COVID-19 lockdowns: a case study comparing frame use in the 

coverage of Wuhan and Italy lockdowns by The New York Times. Media Asia, 48(2), 89 107.

Manalo, J. A. IV, Nidoy, M. G. M., & Corpuz, D. C. P. (2021, June). Knee deep in the Hoopla: Analyzing reportage of the

weevil-infested rice issue in the Philippines. Media Asia, 48(2), 108-122.

Zhang, D. (2021, June). The media and think tanks in China: The construction and propagation of a think tank.

Media Asia, 48(2), 123-138.


Astorga-Garcia, M. (2021, June). Surviving media repression before and during Martial Law in the Philippines.

Media Asia, 48(2), 139-143.



Sarwatay, D. (2021, June). Alternative approaches to studying media policymaking in the Global South (review of Community Radio Policies

in South Asia by Preeti Raghunath). Media Asia, 48(2), 144-147.

Sanyal, D. (2021, June). Hollywood with a K: Review of Reel World by A. Pandian. Media Asia, 48(2), 148-150.

Sanyal, D. (2021, June). Beyond the gendered chessboard: review of the miniseries The Queen’s Gambit. Media Asia, 48(2), 151-152.

Sanyal, D. (2021, June). Food for thought: Film review of The Lunchbox. Media Asia, 48(2). 153-154.

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