AMIC Asia Communication Award 2023-2024

The  Asian  Media  Information and  Communication  Centre, Inc.  (AMIC) is an international non-government organization (NGO) committed to communication media development in the Asia-Pacific region. 

Established in 1971 as a non-profit NGO and a registered charity in Singapore, AMIC promotes an ethical and socially responsible communication media sector committed to the tenets of freedom and democracy in a socio‐culturally diverse region. 

AMIC envisions itself to be the premier Asia-centered policy provider, resource platform, and training institution, for communication media education, research, and professional development. 

It seeks to provide a platform for and facilitate the development, sharing, and exchange of learning resources on communication media within and outside the Asia-Pacific region. 

AMIC’s mission is to nurture and promote communication media research, capacity building, knowledge management, and dialogue among academics, industry, government, and civil society. 

AMIC seeks the development and enrichment of communication theories, models, strategies, and practices reflecting distinct Asia-Pacific perspectives, building on the contributions of Western models and theories. 

AMIC established the AMIC Asia Communication Award in 2006 to recognize outstanding achievements in various media and communication fields and categories. These achievements include contributions to research, education, institution development, and journalism excellence. 

Since its inception, the award has been conferred to 23 communication scholars, educators, and practitioners whose contributions have focused on a single country within Asia-Pacific, a region within Asia, or the whole of Asia-Pacific. While the nominees need not be from Asia-Pacific, preferences were and will be accorded to regional actors.


Qualities of nominees for the AMIC Asia Communication Award should have exhibited exemplary contributions and have shown consistent dedication to any of the following areas:

  • Journalism Education and Training
  • Journalism Practice
  • Journalism Studies/Research
  • Communication Education and Training
  • Communication Media Scholarship/Research
  • Communication for Development/Development Communication Practice
  • Public/Government Information
  • Integrated Marketing Communication
  • Digital Communication/Media
  • Others

The following are among the qualities of AMIC Asia Communication Awardee:

  • Commitment to the principles of free and independent communication media/journalism;
  • Contribution to Asian communication media/journalism theory and model building and development;
  • Excellence in the practice of the communication media/journalism profession/discipline;
  • Significant contributions to the communication media/journalism profession/discipline through research, publications, and institution-building;
  • Extensive service and passion for communication education and training;
  • Introduction of innovative or pioneering communication media/journalism programs and projects


An individual or organization may nominate a candidate for the Award with the consent of the nominee. The nominator must submit a duly filled-out nomination form and supporting documents. The nominee is expected to assist the nominator in completing the nomination form.

The nomination form may be downloaded from (Download link: 2023-2024 AMIC Award Nomination Form).


Professional Qualifications                                 20 pts.

Contributions to the field and discipline          40 pts.

Impact of Work                                                      20 pts.

Citations & Significance of Scholarship            20 pts.


The selection process shall consist of three phases, namely:

  • Phase One will be undertaken by a screening committee which will review compliance of entries with the Award requirements and the adequacy of completed nomination forms and supporting documents.
  • Phase Two will determine the short-listed nominees (at least three) through a Preliminary Board of Judges composed of representatives from the AMIC Board of Management, AMIC Country Representatives, and international youth organizations.
  • Phase Three will be the final selection of the winner by a composite Final Board of Judges. The final Board of Judges shall consist of past AMIC Asia Communication Awardees, representatives from the AMIC Board of Directors and international organizations, and well-known development specialists and communication experts from different countries of Asia Pacific.


The deadline for submission of nomination forms is on May 30, 2024. Awarding will be held during the 30th AMIC Annual Conference in September 2024.


  • John Lent (USA), 2006
  • Eddie C. Y. Kuo (Singapore), 2007
  • Nora Quebral (Philippines) and Dr. Florangel Rosario- Braid (Philippines), 2008
  • Binod Agrawal (India) and Dr. K. E. Eapen (India), 2009
  • Hidetoshi Kato (Japan), 2010
  • Georgette Wang and Dr. Crispin Maslog (Philippines), 2011
  • Tan Sri Dato’ L. Krishnan (Malaysia), 2012
  • Alwi Dahlan (Indonesia) and Mr. Jakob Oetama (Indonesia), 2013
  • Juan L. Mercado (Philippines), 2014
  • Alan Hancock (United Kingdom) and Dr. David Robie (New Zealand), 2015
  • Dhavalasri Shelton Gunaratne  (Sri Lanka), 2016 (for Research and Education)
  • Wijayananda Jayaweera (Sri Lanka), 2017
  • Franz Joseph Eilers (Germany) for Transformative Leadership, and Mr. Charlie Agatep (Philippines), 2018 (for Transformative Leadership)
  • Leela Rao (India), 2019 (for Teaching Hero Award)
  • Dasho Kinley Dorji (Bhutan), 2020 (for Transformative Leadership)
  • Wimal Dissanayake (Sri Lanka/USA) 2021 (for Disruptive Inquiry -Communication Research)
  • Ronny Adhikarya (Indonesia) 2022