Media and Development in Asia: Regional Perspectives (2008)

Media and Development in Asia: Regional Perspectives (2008)
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Edited by: Indrajit Banerjee and Madanmohan Rao
ISBN: 978-981-4136-07
Price: US$ 37.00

This book brings together some of the most outstanding and novel papers on media and development presented at the 2004 AMIC Annual Conferences. It provides a wealth of fresh case studies as well as breaking new ground in highlighting emerging frontiers of media development discourse in Asia, comparing regional development along multiple dimensions and frameworks, and pointing the direction towards further media initiatives at a national level.

The papers selected are grouped into three key themes: media and development; new narratives and political discourse; and media impacts and capacity building. The contributors to this book have highlighted not just an interesting range of media and development issues in Asia, but have also introduced a good variety of media research methods.

These include quantitative assessments of media impacts in society, comparative and longitudinal frameworks for evaluating regional ICT competitiveness, structural analyses of political and activist communication systems, in-depth case studies of individual organisations, and broad-based surveys of stakeholders in ICT4D.