Media & Conflict Reporting in Asia (2008)

Media & Conflict Reporting in Asia (2008)
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Edited by: Shyam Tekwani
ISBN: 978-981-4136-05-1
Year: 2008
Pages: 206
Price: US$ 30.00

The 13 significant case studies presented here examine the challenges faced by media practitioners reporting on conflicts across the diverse media ecologies of Asia. Significant themes covered include: how media culture affects the way conflict is covered, including aspects such as resource limitations, different standards of professionalism, government intervention, and the degree of importance given to the concept of independent media; how media bias can be aggravated by competing demands of various ethnic, religious and political groups, and how bias among journalists can contribute to spiralling violence; how journalist can face an ?identity barrier? in terms of access to news and sources; and how the media can be affected by poor working conditions, pay, training and recognition, and a lack of physical or financial security. The chapters provide a valuable range of perspectives on reporting about conflicts within Asia.


Asian Journal of Communication

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