Information Highways in ASEAN: Policy and Regulations (1999)

Information Highways in ASEAN: Policy and Regulations (1999)
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Edited by: Anura Goonasekera and Ang Peng Hwa
ISBN: 9971-905-77-9
Year: 454
Pages: 1999
Price: US$ 22.00

This book is the product of a research project, conducted in Asean in 1998, on the utilization of modern communication and information technologies. The main findings were presented in November 1998 to an international conference attended by senior media policy makers and journalists from the region. The conference drew up a common framework for cooperation among Asean countries on issues central to the utilization of communication technologies. It also provided a rigorous review process for the research presentations. Information Highways in Asean contains revised versions of the papers presented and the conference recommendations. It provides a description of contemporary communication scenes, and examines the legal and regulatory regimes under which new information and communication.

Technologies are used. In addition, five special chapters address some of the most vexing problems in the area of transborder communication in Asia. These include the Internet, intellectual property rights, telecommunication services, multinational satellite broadcasting, the race to dominate the sky, and the need for a legal framework to properly address these issues.