South Pacific Island Communication: Regional perspectives, local issues (2008)

South Pacific Island Communication:  Regional perspectives, local issues (2008)
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Edited by: Evangelia Papoutsaki and Usha Sundar Harris
ISBN: 978-981-4136-08-2
Year: 2008
Pages: 300
Price: US$ 30.00

This publication brings together significant scholarly contributions on communications issues by researchers working across the region. It aims to create better understanding of what affects the communication and information flow in smaller nations and how these impact on national development, governance and the creation of more cohesive societies.

The value of such a publication lies in the comparison it enables between different regions and countries at different levels of development. The work of the contributing authors provide glimpses of the prevalent issues and perspectives without necessarily providing a definitive picture of this diverse region.

As editors we hope this publication will draw out significant relational possibilities by bringing together scholarly writing on communication issues and highlighting the perspectives of Pacific scholars and practitioners thus contributing to the knowledge base in island studies.


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