Communication Theory: The Asian Prespective (1988)

Communication Theory: The Asian Prespective (1988)
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Edited by: Wimal Dissanayake, ed.
ISBN: 9971-905-29-9
Year: 1993
Pages: 226
Price: US$ 15.00

What are some of the philosophical, conceptual and scientific theories and models of communication prevalent in Asian societies? Can they enrich the application of the more Western-oriented theories and models? How far removed are they from the social realities in Third World countries? What has been the result of the indiscriminate use of Western and intercultural communication concepts and theories in Asian societies? What specific action can be taken to indigenize Western concepts of communication theory, taking into consideration Asian communication behavioural patterns like ‘face’, seniority of age or station and different philosophical or religious backgrounds? In what way has tradition influenced communication behaviour in Asia?

Whilst this book seeks to answer these and other questions, it also offers some useful insights on the perception of Western communication theory among Asian communication scholars and practitioners, which should prove interesting even to doyens in the field.