Media Asia 2015 Vol. 42, No. 1-2, has already gone out of press. 

Media Asia 2015 Vol. 42, No. 1-2, the first issue for 2015, is being published as a double issue. 

The publication of Media Asia slowed down in 2015 as Taylor and Francis, AMIC’s co-publisher, also has to build its systems in handling the production of both the online and print journal. 

The AMIC Secretariat also transferred from Singapore to Manila in late 2014. 

AMIC transferred the production of Media Asia to Taylor & Francis so as to benefit from its strong distribution capabilities. 

According to Prof. Cherian George, Media Asia’s editor-in-chief, AMIC members will see the benefits of the change starting in 2016. 

In addition to several original research articles, Media Asia Vol. 42, No. 1-2 includes two interviews with scholars on the perennial problem of religious extremism and intolerance. 

In this issue, Prof. Romila Thapar, one of India’s most eminent historians, discusses how right-wing harassment has narrowed the space for academic historians. 

Meanwhile, Malaysian scholar Farish Noor talks about religious extremism in Southeast Asia, in the context of Islamic State’s internet savvy outreach in the region. 

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