HAU Communication students spearhead anti-fake news campaign

By Edgar Delalamon and Marvin Viado

Communication students of Holy Angel University, Philippines, are at the forefront in a campaign to fight disinformation. The initiative covers seven provinces in Central Luzon Region of the Philippines. 

They organized a series of workshops and conferences in cooperation with their counterparts coming from key Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) in those provinces, in partnership with Non- Government Organizations.

To complement the anti-disinformation campaign, they also conducted research projects with international collaboration among HEIs in Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand. The other significant output of the cooperation was the creation of an anti-“fake news” website which was maintained by the Communication students.

Last February 3, the Communication students launched the I AM REAL: Looking Beyond the Shadows Of Disinformation which was graced by famous anti-“fake news” advocates Adrian Puse, Ted Lerner and John Nery.

Holy Angel University is an institutional member of AMIC. 

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