Consistent with our Asian values of harmony and consensus, and in this age of crowdsourcing, we invite our AMIC members and friends to send us proposed conference streams (general topics) following the theme, Rethinking Communication in a Resurgent Asia. A brief write-up on the theme is available at the AMIC website:

Special prizes will be given to the first 25 members who send their proposed conference streams.

The conference streams will guidefuture paper presenters on the specific titles and thrusts of the papers to be presented in AMICAsia 2016. This will be held in AMIC’s new headquarters in Manila, Philippines.

Examples of streams are: Asian Communication Theories, Paradigms, and Models; Asian Research Framework and Methodologies; Asian Higher Education Integration; Asian Conflict Resolution Styles and Communication; and Cross-cultural Business Communication in an Asian Setting

You may send your recommendations through the following:

Ramon R. Tuazon, AMIC Secretary General

Email address:;

AMIC’s official Facebook account:


AMIC’s official Twitter account:


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