The AMIC Board of Directors has approved the postponement of the AMIC Conference, originally scheduled on 15-17 September 2016, to a later date in 2017, still to be held in Manila, Philippines.

AMIC apologizes to all abstract writers who have already made arrangements for this event for any inconvenience this would cause them.

The decision was made to enable the newly-established AMIC Secretariat in Manila to focus on urgent administrative matters to ensure the Centre’s smooth operations.

Among the major concerns currently being addressed are the following: (1) financial management, including settlement of outstanding obligations incurred during the last few years of operation in Singapore, collection of AMIC outstanding receivables, closing of Singapore-based bank accounts, and preparation of 2015 financial reports, (2) closing down of AMIC Ltd. under the Members Voluntary Liquidation of Singapore, and (3) rationalization of selection and terms of reference of AMIC Country Representatives.

In addition, the postponement of the 25th International Conference will enable AMIC to focus on equally important projects such as: (1) inauguration of the new AMIC office at the Philippine Women’s University, (2) launching of an extensive membership drive, and (3) launching of AMIC Textbook Project and related publications, e.g., Asian Communication Handbook 7th edition.

AMIC will also proceed with the selection of its 2016 AMIC Asia Communication Award laureates.

AMIC sincerely apologizes to all colleagues who have responded positively to its Call for Abstracts. AMIC received at least 140 abstracts during the first two initial calls as of 18 May.

AMIC assures all those who submitted their abstracts that these will still be considered in the 2017 conference (as AMIC will keep the conference theme and strands).

AMIC will continue to give feedback on the abstracts submitted and provide some suggestions on how the eventual papers can be enriched and made more consistent with our theme. The reschedule will give the abstract writers adequate time to review and enhance submitted abstracts/papers.

The Philippines and India, countries where most of AMIC members come from, are also planning to convene their own AMIC national conference within the year. AMIC welcomes such initiatives as these forums provide platforms for members to exchange developments and innovations in communication, as well as AMIC updates. AMIC shall update members about these national forums soon.

AMIC also takes this opportunity to cite its accomplishments since the transfer of AMIC to Manila: (1) reorganization of AMIC Board of Management, (2)  transfer of physical assets, including equipment, books, and supplies and materials, (3) setting up of new AMIC office at PWU annex building, (4) registration of AMIC with the Philippines Securities & Exchange Commission, securing of business permits and tax registrations, and opening of bank accounts, (5) resolution of ownership of AJC and Media Asia and agreement with WKWSCI-NTU on royalties and editorial fees in favor of AMIC, (6)  reconstruction of databases – current and past members, subscription lists for Asian Journal of Communication (AJC) and Media Asia, (7) digital archiving of majority of past issues of Media Asia, (8) continuing networking with partners, including UNESCO, IAMCR, etc., and (9) preparation and submission of programme/project proposals to partners.

We call on our members to rally behind the organization by engaging in the following: (1) renewing institutional and individual memberships and inviting colleagues to be part of AMIC, (2) renewing subscriptions to Media Asia and Asian Journal of Communication, (3) organizing AMIC national events in coordination with country representatives, (4) participating in future programmes and projects, and (5)  linking AMIC with potential donors.

The AMIC Board of Directors, Board of Management, and Secretariat are working together to reinvigorate AMIC to become a more relevant professional association. We are confident that our members will do their part in building AMIC.

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