AMIC Asia Communication Award 2022

The AMIC Asia Communication Award 2022 will be given in the following categories:

Truth in Journalism Award

(formerly Journalism Excellence Award)


  • Commitment to the principles of free and independent journalism
  • Excellence in the practice of the journalism profession
  • Contribution of writings to development, freedom, and democracy
  • Recognition as an exemplar especially to young journalists

Transformative Leadership Award

(formerly Institutional Development Award)


  • Definition and sharing of a vision to the entire organization or community
  • Exemplary values, beliefs, and practices that inspire and motivate change
  • Introduction of pioneering and “disruptive” policies, systems and procedures, products and services
  • Challenging the status quo by offering, encouraging, and pursuing innovation and creativity

Teaching Hero Award

(formerly Communication Education Award)


  • Extensive service and passion to the communication teaching profession
  • Recognition of impact to professional lives of former students
  • Contribution to Asian communication theory/model building and development
  • Outstanding outputs including offline/online textbooks, references, modules, etc.
  • Introduction of innovative and creative communication teaching strategies and tools

Disruptive Inquiry

(formerly Communication Research)


  • Contribution to new information and knowledge (original research) in communication
  • Recognition of pioneering contributions to communication research & development
  • Recognition of quality communication research outputs
  • Consistency in the use of scientific research methodologies
  • Significant impact of research outputs to the communication discipline and society in general
  • Integrity of researchers (individual or institution)

Nomination Forms

Truth in Journalism

Transformative Leadership

Teaching Hero

Disruptive Inquiry

Past awardees include eminent communicators and journalists:

  • John Lent, 2006
  • Eddie C. Y. Kuo, 2007
  • Nora Quebral and Dr. Florangel Rosario- Braid, 2008
  • Binod Agrawal and Dr. K. E. Eapen, 2009
  • Hidetoshi Kato, 2010
  • Georgette Wang and Crispin Maslog, 2011
  • Tan Sri Dato’ L. Krishnan, 2012
  • Alwi Dahlan and Jakob Oetama, 2013
  • Juan L. Mercado, 2014
  • Alan Hancock and David Robie, 2015
  • Dhavalasri Shelton Gunaratne 2016
  • Wijayananda Jayaweera, 2017
  • Franz Joseph Eilers, SVD and Charlie Agatep, 2018
  • Leela Rao, 2019

Nominations will be accepted from any AMIC member in good standing. The closing date is on 30 August  2022

*Please accomplish the linked nomination form. Send the form, together with a nomination letter to