As he bowed out as AMIC’s chairperson, Dr. Arun Mahizhnancalled on AMIC members to get rid of the “blind subservience” to the Western perspective in analyzing Asian media and communication systems.

“Far too long, we have submitted and submerged ourselves in Western perspective and Western theories, and worst of all, Western validation of our own nascent attempts to create anything Asian,” lamented Dr. Mahizhnan, speaking during the 2015 AMIC International Conference held in Dubai.

He added, “We have a long way go in establishing an Asian perspective and Asian theories of communication” and “it is going to be even more challenging to do this than before.” 

A clear research agenda looms ahead for Asian communicators and scholars to differentiate and distinguish Asian communication practices and build theories based on them.  

While there are attempts in the past to ground research in local practice, some try to fit them to Western theories.

More work and people are needed in seriously observing and analyzing Asian media and communication practice

Dr. Mahizhnanwas also commended for his long years of distinguished service to AMIC as chairman and member of the Board of Management, and as chairman of the Board of Directors.

In turn, he cited AMIC colleagues Dr. Ang Peng Hwa and Dr. Eddie Kuo, Mr. Martin L. Hadlow and the AMIC Secretariat for their support to AMIC.

He also expressed gratitude to the American University in Dubai, especially its leaders Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, President Lance de Masi, Provost Jihad Nader and Dean Ali Jaber, for hosting the 2015 AMIC International Conference.

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