Media Asia Editor Conducts Election Coverage Training for Bhutanese Journalists

By AMIC Secretariat

The Editor of Media Asia conducted a three-day training on election coverage for Bhutanese journalists.

Danilo Araña Arao, an associate professor of journalism at UP Diliman and a convenor of election watchdog Kontra Daya (Against Fraud), held it from November 13 to 15, in time for the 4th National Assembly elections scheduled on November 30.

Seventeen journalists from The Bhutanese, Business Bhutan, Kuzu FM, and Gyalchi Sershog participated in this activity.

The training aimed to have an overview of the election system in Bhutan; share knowledge, skills, and values in election coverage; and assess the participants’ knowledge, skills, and values through workshops.

Arao designed the program, in consultation with the Bodhi Media and Communication Institute (BMCI). Aside from Arao who discussed the basics of election coverage during the first day, other resource persons from the Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) and the Journalists’ Association of Bhutan (JAB) presented election regulations and media guidelines during the second and third days.

Aside from inputs and case study presentations, the training consisted of workshops in news writing, interviewing and analyzing election coverage guidelines.

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