AMIC partners with JRE-IAMCR and AIJC in book launch

Asian Media Information and Communication Centre (AMIC) in partnership with the Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication (AIJC) and the University of Pretoria sponsored the launching of the books produced by the Journalism Research and Education Section of the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR), on June 20, 2022.

Moderated by Dr. Sadia Jamil (Chair, JRE Section), with Bruce Mutsvairo (Associate Professor, Utrecht University) as discussant, the online event presented 10 books.

Special guests were Tawana Kupe (Vice Chancellor, University of Pretoria), Olivia Celeste Villafuerte (President, AIJC), and Ramon Guillermo Tuazon (Secretary General, AMIC).

In his message at the launching, AMIC Secretary-General Tuazon said:

“Today, we launch nine journalism and communication books which will be part of our truth defense tools.

“Journalism education is our best defense because it will develop an inter-generation of truth seekers and truth tellers. Journalism education is not only for today’s journalists but more important, for future journalists who must imbibe the culture of truth-telling.

“If we lose the war against disinformation today, we will be staring at a generation which is unmindful of deceit and celebrates calumny and idiocy.

“The books we are launching today present an array of subjects which will complete our defense mechanisms – media theories, research methods, journalism skills, political economy (media ownership), convergence and digitization, and alternative and indigenous media.

“Another distinguishing quality of these books is that the authors and contributors come not only from the West but also from all the continents including Asia which I am proud to represent today.  In this regard, AMIC is committed to work with IAMCR in producing more publications written by Asian journalism and communication professionals…” (It was an online the event  where scholars in journalism research and education from all over the world presented their latest works and interacted with the participants and colleagues in the field.

(click here for full text of Tuazon’s speech)

The books presented are the following:

  1. McQuail’s Media and Mass Communication Theory – Denis McQuail and Mark Deuze
  2. Global Journalism: Understanding World Media Systems – Daniela V. Dimitrova (Editor)
  3. Qualitative Research Methods for Media Studies – Bonnie S. Brennen
  4. Insights on Peace and Conflict Reporting – Kristin Skare Orgeret (Editor)
  5. Public Television in Poland: Political Pressure and Public Service Media in a Post-communist Country – Agnieszka Węglińska.
  6. Indigenous African Popular Music, Volume 1: Prophets and Philosophers – Abiodun Salawu and Israel Fadipe (Editors.)
  7. Indigenous African Popular Music, Volume 2: Social Crusades and the Future – Abiodun Salawu and Israel Fadipe (Editors)
  8. The Transformation of the Media System in Turkey: Citizenship, Communication, and Convergence – Eylem Yanardağoğlu
  9. The House that Zee Built – Surbhi Dahiya
  10. Indian Media Giants: Unveiling the Business Dynamics of Print Legacies – Surbhi Dahiya