29th AMIC Annual Conference Declaration

Embracing Digital Technology and Knowledge Brokering & Sharing

Participants emphasized the importance of tacit knowledge brokering and sharing, particularly the exchange of best practices, to address common communication media issues. Special attention was given to the implications of digital technology disruptions and the advent of Super Smart Society 5.0, driven by machine-learning-based artificial intelligence.

Media, Information & Digital Literacy and Communication Education for All

The continuous onslaught of disinformation in the global and local media ecosystem demands integration of media, information and digital literacy (MIDL) which empowers individuals to be critical and discerning media users and consumers as well as responsible and ethical content creators using various formats and platforms.

A critical priority highlighted during the conference was the need to enhance society’s competencies in digital literacy through “Communication Education for All” curricula. These curricula should be integrated into formal, non-formal, and informal education at all levels and across all fields.

Towards Consensus, Facilitating Cohesion on Global Communication Issues

The conference also advocated for more extensive efforts to explore the feasibility of adopting a mechanism for inter-continental consultation, aiming to build consensus, promote tolerance and societal cohesion on current and emerging global communication issues.

Promoting Networking and Collaboration

Recognizing the need for more venues for networking and collaboration, the conference called for increased cooperation among Asian and African communication professionals, practitioners, and institutions. This includes collaborative programs and activities in such areas as research, publications, capacity building, and faculty/students exchanges.

In conclusion, the AMIC’s 29th Annual Conference served as a bridge, connecting the past achievements of the 1955 Bandung Asia-Africa Summit Conference with the contemporary challenges and opportunities in the realms of communication and information. It reaffirmed the commitment to dialogue, cooperation, and shared learning between Africa and Asia to closer friendship and partnership, paving the way for a brighter, more interconnected future.

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