30th AMIC Annual Conference

Theme: Asia as a (Knowledge) Sharing Society
and Internationalization of Higher Education


  1. Opening Programme
  2. Cultural Presentation
  3. Keynote Messages
  4. Conference Overview
  5. Conferment: 2023 and 2024 AMIC Asia Communication Award
  6. Plenary Sessions
  • Updates on Internationalization of Higher Education in Asia
  • Journalism and Communication Education: Asia’s Best Practices
  • Journalism Issues Across North, East, South, Central and Western Asia: Commonalities & Differences
  • The Bandung Spirit in the Era of AI Meeting 2.0
  • Managing Digital Transformation in Modern and Traditional Asian Communities
  1. Parallel Sessions
  • Asia as Knowledge Sharing Society
  • Communication and Media Development in North, East, South, Central and Western Asia: Commonalities and Differences
  • Journalism Practices and Tools
  • ICT and Digital Transformation
  • Communication and Journalism Education and Training
  • Gender Equity and Social Inclusion (GESI): Gains and Losses
  • Culture, Arts, and Communication: Celebrating Diversity
  • Health Education and Promotion: Best Practices and Innovations
  • Science Communication: Learning from Specialists and Communities
  • Communication in Environment and Sustainable Development: Are we Making a Difference?
  • Media and Information Literacy (MIL) and Digital Competencies
  • How Media is Reshaping Political Communication in Asia
  • Advertising, Public Relations, and Marketing Communication: New Strategies for the Young Asian Market
  1. Parallel Sessions for Young Communicators
  • Media and Information Literacy and Digital Competencies
  • Communication, Culture, and Society
  • Mobile Phones and Gadgets: Uses and Abuses
  • Advertising, Public Relations, and Marketing Communication Strategies
  • Our Online and Digital Learning Space: What Works and Do Not Work As Per Learners’ Experience
  • Six Years to UN Sustainable Development Goals: Are Communication Strategies Making an Impact? How Are Young People Engaged?
  1. How-To Sessions (Master Classes)
  • Get Published in Internationally Indexed Academic Journals
  • Monetize Social Media Engagements (and How to be an Effective & Responsible Social Media Influencer)
  • Engage in Mobile and Smartphone Filmmaking
  • Design and Market MOOCs
  • Trends in Gamification for Entertainment and Learning
  • Craft Communication Strategies with AI
  1. Networking Sessions
  2. Signing of Memorandum of Understanding Between/Among HEIs
  3. Cultural Events
  4. Closing Ceremony
  5. Conference Declaration
  6. Closing Messages

    [1] Distinct parallel sessions for students and young communicators featuring General Parallel Session Themes is possible.

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