Advisory No. 03: Transportation from Airport to Venue

Welcome to Beijing! We are excited to have you join us. Here are some transportation tips to help you reach the conference venue.

Conference Venue Address: Communication University of China (CUC)
No.1 Dingfuzhuang East Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing, P.R. China

Subway Instruction

Public Transportation Options:

  1. From Beijing Daxing International Airport:
    • Route: Daxing Airport Line (大兴机场线) → Caoqiao (草桥) [Transfer to Line 10 (10号线)] → Guomao (国贸) [Transfer to Line 1 (1号线八通线)] → Communication Univ. of China (传媒大学)
    • Journey Time: Approximately 70 minutes
    • Ticket Price: 41 RMB
  2. From Beijing Capital International Airport:
    • Route: Capital Airport Express Line (首都机场线) → Sanyuanqiao (三元桥) [Transfer to Line 10 (10号线)] → Guomao (国贸) [Transfer to Line 1 (1号线八通线)] → Communication Univ. of China (传媒大学)
    • Journey Time: Approximately 55 minutes
    • Ticket Price: 30 RMB

Subway Payment Options: You can purchase single journey tickets or a transportation card at the ticket vending machines in subway stations. Additionally, you can buy electronic tickets using mobile payment apps. We highly recommend learning how to use Alipay before coming to Beijing. It’s very simple and can cover all your travel, dining, accommodation, and other expenses in Beijing.

Taxi Options: You can queue at the designated taxi stands at the airport. Alternatively, you can use China’s ride-hailing service, DiDi Chuxing (滴滴出行). We recommend familiarizing yourself with online payment methods such as WeChat Pay or Alipay in advance for a more convenient experience.

Additional Note:

1、For public transportation, we highly encourage you to check the Beijing Subway official site: where you will find abundant information about Beijing subway, museums, restaurants, and so on.

2、Beijing Capital International Airport is closer to the Communication University of China. Under normal traffic conditions, a taxi ride takes approximately 30 minutes for 45-60RMB.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference. Safe travels!

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