How to Register to the 27th AMIC Annual Conference?

  1. Click the "Start Registration" button at the bottom of this page to proceed.
  2. Fill-in your registration data.
  3. Select "Registration Type" from the dropdown list.
    Note: Registration rates for local delegates will automatically be applied upon selecting country of residence.
  4. Click "Submit". A pop-up window will appear to show payment methods.
  5. Select the mode of payment from the dropdown list and go through the process mindfully. Payment methods are as follows:
    1. Bank Transfers
    2. Check Payments
    3. Credit Card (thru Paypal)
    4. Cash (Discounts will not apply for walk-in registrations)
  6. Confirmation email and the payment validation will be sent.
    • For credit card payments, expect the validation within an hour of registration.
    • For bank deposits, expect payment validation within 3-7 days.

Did your first registration attempt fail?
Proceed using your pending registration by clicking the button below: