AMIC congratulates Dr. Hu Zhengrongfor his recent appointment as President of the China University of Communication (CUC).

In his inaugural address, now CUC President Hu Zhengrongstressed that higher educational institutions should pay more attention to the National Strategy. CUC should hold the general trend of events, seize the opportunities and implement new strategies so as to adapt to industry changes and meet new challenges.

Further Dr. Hu promised to fulfill his duties by focusing on innovation. He emphasized four aspects to achieve CUC’s goals: (1) integrate the educational orientation of CUC and the party’s education policy; (2) follow the laws of higher education and focus on academics; (3) improve the quality of personnel training to cultivate more talents for the society; and (4) grasp the opportunity of the Double First-rate campaign promoted by Ministry of Educationto accelerate CUC construction as a world-level communication university.

Under the leadership of the Ministry of Education and Beijing Municipal Committee, Dr. Hu said the school party will work hard to establish CUC as double first-rate university. 

Dr. Hu received his appointment in September 2016, with approval from the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China.

Dr. Hu’s appointment was announced in a meeting hosted by Secretary Chen Wenshen. LvJie, Vice Director of the Personnel Department of Minister for Education, and Chen Jianghua, in charge of Beijing Municipal Education Commission attended the meeting.

Present at the meeting were senior CUC administrators, professor representatives, retired staff representatives, etc.