Water: Asia's Environmentai Imperative (1997)

Water: Asia's Environmentai Imperative (1997)
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By: An AMIC Compliation
ISBN: 9971-905-61-2
Year: 1997
Pages: 236
Price: US$ 15.00

Although water is the source of life, many in Asia take it for granted, heedless of its increasing scarcity. Each year the demand for water is greater, from the growing population and from industrial and agricultural expansion.

The wise and rational management of water resources is Asia’s environmental imperative, not only for its governments, but also for its people. This book calls for a re-evaluation of the techniques used to squeeze ever more from the finite, and increasingly polluted, water resources that the planet has to offer. It examines the attitudes and methods of water management in various Asian countries from an environmental and economic perspective, and presents a number of important regional case studies