Rethinking Development Communication (2002)

Rethinking Development Communication (2002)
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Edited by: Neville Jayaweera & Sarath Amunugama
ISBN: 9971-905-28-0
Price: US$ 15.00

What connections did the ideology of development communication have with the Voice of America? Has the old paradigm really passed or is it emerging under a different guise? What are the essential ingredients of the new concept of development communication? Has communication training kept pace with the rethinking in development? What does research bear out? How is development communication related to the Third World’s demand for a new communication order? What does the field look like from the West? 

These are some of the important questions that the various articles in this book seek to answer. Additionally, this book also offers alternative models of the application of communication to development in various Third World situations amongst which is an interesting approach based on Buddhist values. It is hoped that these articles will persuade scholars and policy makers to take a fresh look at the development communication field.