Evolving Asian Culture Gateways: The Korean Wave & Beyond (2013)

Evolving Asian Culture Gateways: The Korean Wave & Beyond (2013)
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Edited by: Su Jung Kim, Kalinga Seneviratne and Madanmohan Rao
ISBN: 978-981-4136-19-825
Year: 2013
Pages: 132
Price: US$ 21.00

Since the late 1990s, an increasing number of Korean television dramas, movies, pop songs and their associated celebrities have gained immense popularity in East and Southeast Asian countries. News media and trade magazines have recognized the rise of Korean popular culture in Asia by dubbing it the “Korean wave” or Hallyu. Yet about a decade ago, Korean popular culture did not have such export capacity, and was not even critically acclaimed by scholars. Thus, this book is aimed at finding a way to represent Korea’s pop-culture in the new framework of the Asian media eco-system. Although Asia’s pop culture has been marginalized by the mainstream Western pop-culture for generations, the new media environment can help Asia find a way in how to represent their culture and to ride on the “Rising Asia” bandwagon.