Public Service Broadcasting in Asia (1999)

Public Service Broadcasting in Asia (1999)
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By: An AMIC Compilation
ISBN: 9971-905-74-4
Year: 1999
Pages: 174
Price: US$ 12.00

Public Service broadcasters the world over appear to have been living in expectation of a crisis for more than a decade. They have been accused of giving their audiences too much of what they want and not enough of what the public demands. In an era of deregulation, digitalizing and a more demanding audience, is there any future for public service broadcasting?

This book analyses and explains how these technological changes and a competitive, deregulated environment have affected public service broadcasting in Asia, and the response various Asian broadcasters have taken to adapt to the new environment. Chapter topics address the nature of public service broadcasting, audience programming, deregulation and competition, quality, and technology.