Mirror on the Wall (1993)

Mirror on the Wall (1993)
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Edited by: Eddie C. Y. Kuo, Duncan Holaday and Eugenia Peck
ISBN: 9971-905-55-8
Price: US$ 15.00

This pioneering study, the first to focus exclusively on the role of media in a Singapore election and to use empirical methods and concepts from mass communication studies, addresses these questions:

  • Who used which sources to get what sorts of information about the election?
  • What was the extent and general content of the election coverage in the various media? Did the media favour any party, and to what extent?
  • What were the campaign issues in the media and the minds of voters?
  • What level of credibility was accorded to media coverage of the election? Was the coverage perceived as fair and complete?
  • To what extent did the media’s agenda determine public perception of election issues?

 A survey of 434 voters and a systematic analysis of the newspaper and television coverage of the election yielded some definitive answers to these questions and set the stage for more vigorous analyses of future Singapore elections.