Media Monitors in Asia (1996)

Media Monitors in Asia (1996)
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Edited by: K. S. Venkateswaran
ISBN: 9971-905-62-0
Year: 1966
Pages: 424
Price: US$ 23.00

This book attempts to provide an overview of media monitoring mechanisms in the Asian region. By “media monitors” are meant bodies designed to perform a regulatory (usually self-regulatory role for the mass media). They are usually autonomous institutions created for the purposes of increasing the social responsibility of newspapers, magazines, radio, and television, while, at the same time, safeguarding their freedom to operate within reasonable limits. The main reason why such bodies are set up is to stave off statutory or other forms of penal regulation by the government. A blind comparison of the Asian and Western monitoring mechanisms would hardly be meaningful considering their different political and social climates. However, this book tries to advance the debate on the need for an international media code, by including a discussion of the Int. Codes of Ethics, Journalistic Code of Ethics in Europe and Press Councils in Europe.