Satellite Technology: The Communication Equaliser (1985)

Satellite Technology: The Communication Equaliser (1985)
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By: An AMIC Compilation
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Part 1 of the book is a study compiled by Sender Freies Berlin. It is a survey of the technical, economic and organisational aspects of satellite technology. It aims to provide journalist, media experts, engineers and others involved in formulating and putting into practice policies.

Part 2 is devoted to a collection of 21 papers presented at a seminar on ‘Satellites: The Communication Equaliser’, which was held in Surakarta, Indonesia from 25-30 November, 1984.  The seminar provided a forum for  discussion of problems concerning the use of satellite technology among the member countries of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN); and to examine how satellites could be used to further the development of communication, especially rural communication in ASEAN. The publication of these papers hopefully will alert Third World communicators and decision makers not only to the perils and potential of satellite communication but also to the imperative need for planning to avoid the pitfalls.