The Internet and Governance in Asia: A critical reader (2007)

The Internet and Governance in Asia: A critical reader (2007)
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Edited by: Indrajit Banerjee
ISBN: 981-4136-02-6
Year: 2007
Pages: 384
Price: US$ 39.00

This book constitutes a first ever attempt to map the impact of the Internet on governance in Asia. The book is divided into the following five sections:

  • Internet and Democracy: ways in which the Internet has been harnessed to promote greater democratization, public debate and political participation; 
  • E-Government: the provision of services through the Internet and other ICT networks and its impact on public accountability and transparency;
  • Cyber Security: the critical issues and concerns such as surveillance as well as the means by which the Internet can be effectively used to improve security as well as minimize risks from terrorism;
  • Internet Governance: critical issues relating to the technical coordination of the Internet and the prospects for the best possible means to govern the structure and operations of the Internet;
  • Internet Policy and Regulation: key policy and regulatory issues and concerns relating to the use and impact of the Internet.