Under Asian Eyes: What the West Says, What the East Thinks (2002)

Under Asian Eyes: What the West Says, What the East Thinks (2002)
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Edited by: Anura Goonasekera and Chua Chong Jin
ISBN: 99971-905-93-0
Year: 2002
Pages: 196
Price: US$ 22.00

Today, information supplied to the West about Asia is focused on the interests and concerns of Western writers; it is primarily information from analysts who view Asian affairs from a Western perspective. The Asian voice in providing information about Asia to the West remains muted.

Under Asian Eyes focuses on this flow of information. It contains the main findings of a study conducted in seven Asian countries: Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. The study, conducted by the Asian Media Information and Communication Center was carried out in 2000, with funding from the Sasakawa Peace Foundation of Japan. A research consultation was held in March 2001 in Singapore to review the findings. The consultation critically examined the research and formulated policy recommendations. This book includes a summary of the proceedings of this consultative conference and its recommendations. It also contains contributions from five experts invited to comment on specific topics in relation to the study.