Asian Communication Handbook (2008)

Asian Communication Handbook (2008)
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Edited by: Indrajit Banerjee & Stephen Logan
ISBN: 978-981-4136-10-5
Year: 2008
Pages: 552
Price: US$ 50.00

The ACH 2008 provides a comprehensive overview of media developments in Asia. It begins with a series of theoretical and critical papers that provide a context for the discussions on media development and specific national systems. The theoretical papers here cover many of the most significant issues in the Asian media landscape.

A first set of contributions cover several critical issues, including the role and responsibility of the media in promoting peace and development, managing media pluralism and promoting diversity, fostering knowledge societies through the use of information and communication technologies, and media and their role in structuring the public sphere.

Another series of articles cover issues such as media globalisation and localisation, the role of the media in national development, the equilibrium between the government and the market in China, and the challenges facing schools of journalism and mass communication.

The section ends with a set of articles covering media and terrorism, new paradigms within communication research, community radio and people's empowerment, and the impact of new media on traditional forms of broadcasting.