Asian Communication Handbook, 6th Ed.

Asian Communication Handbook, 6th Ed.
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Edited by: Sundeep R. Muppidi
ISBN: 978-981-4136-18-1
Year: 2012
Pages: 452
Price: US$ 90.00

The flagship publication of the Asian Media Communication and Information Centre (AMIC) -- “Asian Communication Handbook (6th Edition)” won the BEST BOOK AWARD in Asian Media Industry category of the 2012 Asian Publishing Awards.

The book, edited by former AMIC Secretary-General Sundeep R. Muppidi, is considered a mandatory read in the development communications in the Asia-Pacific region. It has two approaches in the discussion of communication: The first section entitled, “Theoretical Perspectives,” tackles issues pertaining to the need to integrate new paradigms in media delivery and audience behaviour through the integration of community oriented, culture intensive and context specific research criteria. The second section on “Mediascapes” profiles 26 countries from the Asia-Pacific region containing information on the current media and communication scene.


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